Abby: Class of 2016.

Abby is a senior at Tri-West and one of the spunkiest people I’ve ever met. I got to know Abby through our church and by working with the youth group. Taking her pictures was delightful and a joy.

10 Fun Facts about Abby: 

10. Her favorite subject is math.

9. Steak and crab legs are her favorite food.

8. She loves to watch Criminal Minds and The Walking Dead.

7. Abby’s idea of a perfect day would be spent on the beach, with a warm breeze.

6. Three words that describes Abby’s personality are bubbly, kind, and caring.

5. When Abby listens to music, she prefers One Direction or Third Day.

4. Abby wishes she could be Iron-Man.

3. When Abby finishes high school, the one thing she will miss the most is her youth group.

2. She plans to attend Taylor University after she graduates and continue God’s plan for her there.

1. The one thing she can’t live without is her faith.