Ashley Vallosio, owner and photographer at Story to Tell Photography.

I’m a Christian, wife, cat parent, photographer, artist, traveler, antique camera collector, and plant lady. I love finding beauty in the world around me. My husband, Jonathan, and I married in 2013 after being best friends since we were 7th graders. We enjoy traveling the world, volunteering with the youth group, playing board games, watching Netflix, and spending time with our awesome families in Illinois. We adopted a sweet pampered kitten, Neko, in 2015 and in 2018, we adopted a very playful kitten, Nedgem. We love them! God has blessed me with more than I could imagine and He is my source of joy. He is why I am here and why I tell stories. When I’m not taking photos for my business, I work at my church, Plainfield Christian Church, as their Media Coordinator and Photographer.

My first camera was a Fisher Price film camera with a double handle complete with bright blue, red, and yellow colors plastered on the body of the camera. I would wear it proudly and take pictures to document my life as a youngster. Now, I am 28 years old and own a Nikon D850 and D800 with an assortment of lenses. I fully believe in the power of photography as a way to communicate stories of the world around me.

Taking photos makes me feel alive. There is something amazing that happens when you try to capture something on camera that could be here one second and gone the next. It is a way to trap time and re-live some of life’s most precious memories. In this way, I can tell a story filled with natural emotion and the beauty of life. Everyone has a unique story and I want to capture that and share it with the world. God has created a vast amount of beauty in this world and if we are still enough, we can grasp a piece of that beauty and share it with those who might not see it. This beauty is not only found in nature but also in humanity. The processes we experience as human beings—new life, creativity of childhood, growing into adulthood, the bliss of love and marriage, the wisdom of old age—all have the ability to touch our hearts in ways we never imagined. The journey that people take on their way through life can be painful for some or a walk in the park for others. The amazing part is getting to know people well enough that they share their journey with you and you can capture it in a memory that will last for ages.