July 23, 2016: Adam & Betsy! 

July 23rd was a hot one! Whew! It was still beautiful though and I’m glad I got to photograph such a day. Betsy & Adam are a cool couple and a great fit. Their love for one another is evident and getting to know them was fun!

Fun fact: When they moved in together, they both had working VCR’s that they regularly used. They define love as dedication, trust, and loyalty. Betsy and Adam met because they were co-workers and the rest is history. These two have been together for 1 1/2 years and have started their forever. They loves each other’s eyes and smiles and appreciate one another’s selflessness. Betsy and Adam define their perfect date should include a good meal, spending time outside, complete with music. They enjoy riding bikes together, cooking, and exploring new places. One word that describes their relationship is devoted. When asked about advice that they would give to other couples they said, “Wake up every morning with full intent to actively love your partner.”

Happy wedding and here’s to many happy years together!