Andrew & Emily.

When I was growing up, I remember spending time in the summer at my Aunt Carol and Uncle Gene’s farm. I loved it there. Playing with my cousins, riding their horse Dee-Dee, and playing in the hay loft are some of the memories that remain vivid in my mind. I remember so many times that Brian, Andrew, Ryan, and I would play and we would partner up for many of our games. I was almost always partnered up with Andrew and we always had so much fun.

I know that we are grown up and embarking on new adventures but I think somewhere in my mind, I will always think of Andrew in this way. He is now engaged and getting married to a beautiful woman named Emily. She is an amazing match for Andrew and being with the two of them always makes me smile. Taking their engagement pictures was a perfect example of this. I am thankful that Andrew and Emily found each other and I am so excited for them as they spend the rest of their lives together honoring God and glorifying Him in all that they do. They are happily married and have two adorable children.