Anna: Class of 2017.

This is Anna. Anna is a senior at Brownsburg High School & I’ve really loved getting to know her through the high school youth group. She is such a smart, driven girl & she is going places. Thanks for letting me take your photos, Anna. 

10 Facts about Anna:

10. Anna’s friends describe her as hilarious, intelligent, & talented.

9. She loves any & all things chocolate.

8. Anna’s favorite subject in school is English.

7. If Anna could have any super power, she would want to be able to read minds.

6. Anna will attend Butler University and student computer science & English.

5. Anna loves most Disney movies.

4. Her idea of a perfect day is spend with snow outside, fire in the fireplace, a scented candle lit, & a book in her hands.

3. She can’t live without a book  to read.

2. Something many don’t know about Anna is that Vivaldi’s concertos are her favorite studying music.

1. Anna dreams of becoming a best selling novelist.