Archer Turns 1!

Meet Chris, Emily, Oliver, and ARCHER! I love being friends with this family and each time I get to take their photos, I find myself with the biggest smile watching them interact together. It was awesome to capture some cute shots of Archer turning 1 and eating his tasty cake. He couldn’t believe his luck with this after-nap snack! Archer loves to explore, climb on whatever he can, eat lots of food, play with his big brother, and snuggle with Mom.

Chris and Emily met through a friend at Purdue in 2010. They didn’t talk for a year until Emily started a game of Words with Friends with Chris and the rest is history. Chris and Emily now have two sweet, fun, energetic boys, Oliver (2.5 years) and Archer (1 in a few weeks). The biggest challenges the Kopfs have faced have been Oliver’s broken leg, putting their dog down, and having kids that are 20 months apart. But even though they have faced challenges, they have been blessed by wonderful times together as a family. Their favorite memories are their wedding day, the birth of their kiddos, and the moment that Oliver met Archie for the first time. As a family, the Kopfs love to go to the Zoo together, visit the Children’s Museum, and have pizza/movie nights and game nights. The Kopfs value love, kindness, and truthfulness and pray that their family always stays close and laugh so much it hurts.