Felix Family.

Meet the Felix fam! I had a lovely time taking their family photos in Peoria. I've known this bunch for a while (Jennifer and Tom are my sister-in-law and brother-in-law), and getting to capture their photos as a big family was too much fun. 

Andy and Terry met on the campus of Lincoln Christian College which is now Lincoln Christian University (my alma mater!) and the rest is history. Their favorite memories as a family simply involves any time that they can all come together. "All six grandkids together is a joy!"  One word description of this bunch would be lively. :) They love to be outside together, whether they are at the park or being in the backyard and any place that serves pizza is a family favorite. Three key values for the Felixes would be faith, integrity, and serving others.

The biggest challenge that Andy and Terry have faced as a family was when a tornado ripped through their town of Washington, IL and unfortunately, took their home with it. Through this challenge, they came together as a family and grew close to those in their community. Their new home is beautiful and is already filling with many new memories. 

As parents and grandparents, Andy and Terry pray that their children and grandchildren continue to know, love, and follow God faithfully. They live by Psalm 126:3 which says, "The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy."