Valerie was one of my closest friends in middle school and early high school. We lived a neighborhood apart and always had a great time swimming at the pool in the summer and riding our bikes to each other’s houses not to mention, so really fun sleepovers. We lost touch over the years, but still held on to some wonderful memories.

Fast forward many years later and this friend and her new husband, Jared, have moved to Brownsburg, IN! What are the odds of that!? We were really excited to reconnect and have had a wonderful time getting to hang out as adults. I was really excited when she shared with me that she was expecting this little boy and when she asked me to take his newborn photos, I was ecstatic! Avery did a great job and was so stinking cute.

Valerie and Jared met at Keps Sports Bar in Washington, IL and would describe their family with the word fun. The biggest challenge Valerie and Jared faced was moving to Indiana away from their families who all live in Illinois. As a family, they love to go on walks in the summertime around their neighborhood. They pray that their son, Avery will grow up loving life and loving God.