Bekah & Hugh.  

Now, if you know anything about me, you know I am an only child. However, I never truly felt like an only child because I was blessed with a few people in my life who I grew up alongside. Bekah is one of those people. From our days of playing dress up to watching her at band competitions, I’ve always enjoyed my time with Bek. This time was no different. Now my sister is engaged to be married to Hugh and I couldn’t be happier for them. To watch someone who means so much to me be so happy fills my heart. Congrats Bekah and Hugh! It was a pleasure to spend time with you both and take your engagement photos. Love you guys! 

Bekah and Hugh define love as unconditional support and passion for each other as well as being able to be loved and accepted as who you are—good and bad. They met through Tinder, both swiped right, met up at Zion Coffee Co., and the rest is history. Hugh loves Bekah’s laugh and Bekah loves Hugh’s silly sense of humor. Their perfect date night in would be Mexican takeout, binging a Netflix series (with Debbie the cat, of course), and talking for hours. Their perfect date night out would be dinner and drinks followed by a long walk or a comedy show. One word that describes Bekah and Hugh’s relationship would be adventurous. Bekah’s favorite memory of their relationship was “when he proposed (duh) but also our day trip to Chicago two weeks into our relationship. We talked all day and just learned about each other for hours.” Hugh said his favorite memory with Bekah was “going to New Hampshire after a month of dating, plus meeting Will and seeing Bekah and Will together.” The biggest challenge that they have faced together was being long distance for most of their relationship—they lived in difference states when Hugh proposed. Also, learning each other’s love languages and how to put them first. If Bekah and Hugh could offer any advice to other couples, they would tell them to power through the struggles of a long-distance relationship and “always remind them why you love them—even in fights.”