Caleb: Class of 2018.

Caleb is a senior at Dee-Mack High School and I’ve know him since he was about 5 years old. His father was the youth minister at my church when I was in middle school so taking his senior photos was a blast from the past. I couldn't believe how grown up he was! #i'moldnow Caleb plays football and baseball at Dee-Mack High School and also likes to fish. Taking his photos was a lot of fun for me! 

10 Facts about Caleb:

10. Something people don't know about Caleb is that if you dropped him off in the middle of the woods with just a knife, he would know how to build a fire, shelter, and fishing spear. 

9. His favorite subject is history.

8. Something Caleb can't live without is fruit.

7. His favorite food is steak.

6. If Caleb could have a super power, it would be flight.

5. What he is going to miss most about high school is being at a place where he can see his friends every single day.

4. After high school, Caleb wants to go to college and play baseball while studying business. 

3. Someone Caleb looks up to is his grandpa--he didn't graduate college and was still successful at Caterpillar.

2. The biggest challenge he has faced so far was scoring well on the ACT, SAT, and AP Biology Test. 

1. His dream job would to be in the MLB or a business executive.