Meet Calvin: the newest member of Luke and Rebekah's sweet family. Judah loves his new little brother and my heart was melting watching them interact. I was so thankful that we had just enough time to get a few outdoor photos before the rain came. What a fun session with the Proctors!

Luke and Rebekah met in college, got married, and now have two little boys. They were excited to update their family photos since they added another kiddo to the mix. They wanted photos of their boys together and of moments of their new “normal” as a family of four.

What you like to do as a family: Go on bike rides, play outside together—anytime the weather is good we are outside taking advantage of it! In the summer we love popsicles and snow cones! ;)

Three key values in your family: 

  1. Love God, Love People

  2. We want to give generously to others because we have been given so much.

  3. Have fun!!

What do you pray or wish for your family: That our boys would grow up loving God with all their heart, soul, and mind and never stray from Him!

A phrase your family lives by: Work Hard, Play Hard!