Carolyn & Scott tied the knot! July 29, 2018.

Wisconsin wedding. Super vintage. Family farm. Old cars. Swiss Food. Polka band. Yodeling. Carolyn and Scott's wedding was filled with these things so unique to them. The love they have for each other was evident, and they knew how to have fun.

Scott and Carolyn met working on a satellite together, lost touch for a while, and reconnected at church. They've been together for five years now and got married on the anniversary of their first date. Their perfect date involves a dinner at home, a bottle of wine, and Netflix. "We're simple people." [That's my kind of date, too!] The biggest challenge that Scott faces in their relationship is accepting that he doesn't have control over all the things that happen. For Carolyn, it's is not bossing Scott around. The advice they would offer other couples would be to be each other's best friend. 

I had been asked to take their wedding photos following Carolyn's family session in fall of 2017 before her father, George, passed away due to his battle with cancer. We were able to get just a couple of photos of Carolyn with her father during this session which was very special. I've known Carolyn's family for a long time and her sister, Ellen, is one of my dearest friends so when they asked me, I had no hesitations. I was honored to be asked to share in their big day. 

I know that George would have loved to have been there to watch Carolyn get married and I believe that, in a way, he was. Carolyn's mom, Angie, mentioned how much he would have enjoyed the reception-the yodeling, polka band, and fun that everyone was having. He was missed, but his family made sure to have a great time because that is EXACTLY what he would have wanted them to do. 

That's what this day showed: true love, dedication, two families being joined together. It was real and beautiful. To watch something like this happen is one of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer. Thank you, Carolyn and Scott for asking me to tell your story. It was a privilege.