Dahm Family. 

Would you get a look at this little family?! How cute are they?! When I was at Lincoln Christian University, I got to know the beautiful lady in these photos-her name is Katie. She is one of my dear friends and someone I miss so much now that we don't live in the same little town. Thankfully, she is a few hours away so we do get to keep in touch from time to time. I was blessed to help photograph her wedding and take newborn photos of her oldest son, Henry. This year, I was able to get some family photos of them while they were in the area for a wedding. Getting to see them all was such a blessing and I was so thankful to be able to meet their youngest son, Asher, who was born in August. 

Let me introduce you to Josh, Katie, Henry, and Asher. Henry is 2 years old and Asher is 7 weeks old. Katie and Josh met at a campground through some mutual friends and started dating in high school (aww!!). When it comes to favorite memories as a family, the Dahms have just recently become a family of 4 so something Josh and Katie treasured was the first time that Henry met his little brother, Asher. And if you look at these photos, these little guys are so sweet together. Henry is an awesome big brother! For fun, they like to go on walks, go camp and boating, and eat together at Red Robin. The Dahms value respect, compassion, and faith in their family. One word that describes them is thankful. One of the biggest challenges they have had to overcome was with starting their family. They had multiple miscarriages and facing that is difficult. Now they have their beautiful boys and are constantly reminded of God's faithfulness. Josh and Katie pray that they can be a good example to their kids so that they grow up wanting to follow Christ.