1 Year Anniversary: Dillon & Kate.

I’ve known Kate for many years since we met in college and watching her fall in love and marry Dillon has been a beautiful thing. When they asked me to do an anniversary session for them, I was SO excited. I was already going to be in Texas to photograph one of their friend’s weddings so the timing was perfect. And let’s be honest, so was the lighting on this beautiful day for this lovely couple. We revisited some of their favorite places where we took their wedding photos and where they went on their first date.

Kate and Dillon define love in the example that Jesus set in how He loves. Their perfect date night together is cooking stir-fry and watch a movie or even a day trip to Fredrichsburg. They love taking road trips, getting to talk as they drive and make memories together. The biggest challenge in their relationship is learning to communicate through their different personalities.

Dillon and Kate have too many favorite memories to count. From winning a small ugly Christmas party trophy to dancing in their kitchen together or going on road trips, “each day it gets better.” Their best advice to share with other couples would be: Take one day at a time and always go to bed saying you love each other.