Erin & Drew.  

When I married Jonathan, I married into this amazing family. Something I thought was pretty cool about becoming a part of this family was that I already knew some of his family members from before we were a couple. I got to know Jonathan’s cousins through various scenarios in high school. One story I remember vividly was when his cousin, Erin was crowned Prom Queen her senior year (my junior year). One year later, Erin crowned me Queen at my senior prom. I have loved getting to know her better as I became a part of the Vallosio family and I was overjoyed when she asked me to take some engagement photos of her and Drew. Congrats Erin and Drew! It was a pleasure to have you visit us in Indy and to take your engagement photos!

Erin and Drew have known each other for a while and even went to high school together, but didn’t talk much. After Erin moved back home, they were matched on a popular dating app, but didn’t end up talking. Then, they got matched up again on another dating app. They decided to give it a try and went out on two dates. Two weeks passed and they didn’t talk. Eventually, they started talking again “and have been together ever since.” It’s been two years for this couple and they are now planning a beautiful November wedding. Drew loves Erin’s sense of humor and Erin loves how Drew cares for others. Their perfect date night would be dinner at their favorite pizza place and watching Netflix with the dog. One of their favorite memories together was going on family vacation with Erin’s family to Hilton Head in South Carolina. One of the biggest challenges they have had to overcome is their differing dietary choices with Erin being vegetarian and Drew preferring meat. If they could offer any advice to other couples it would be “be willing to compromise.” Erin and Drew define love as caring for one another when it is hard and…you don’t really want to. It is a commitment and a sacrificial act.