Hedges Family. 

Meet the Hedges fam! I meet Todd first at PCC and then his wife, Amy, who helps run the Perfect Fit program for children with special needs at PCC. I had a delightful time taking their family pictures this year and meeting their sweet kiddos!

Todd, Amy, Olivia, and Elijah make up the Hedges family. Todd and Amy met in a life group at PCC called Jars of Clay. Their favorite family trip was a vacation to Myrtle Beach. They describe their family as "whackado" with crazy schedules and busy kids. They loves being able to watch movies and go anywhere together, especially baseball games! Red Robin is one of their favorite restaurants to go to. 

In the last five years or more, they have faced some challenges and changes in their extended family but they have grown through it.  The Hedges value integrity, flexibility, and being respectful. Todd and Amy pray that their children will follow Christ their whole lives, work hard, and stand up for what is right. They live by the phrase, "Never be afraid to fail."