May 24, 2014: Johnie and Evan got married!

This was a day where I couldn’t stop smiling. I have known Johnie since we were in kindergarten. Some of my favorite memories with her include taking on a bully in 2nd grade together, making many trips to the Ice Cream Shack, visiting Haunted Houses at Halloween, wearing matching Mulan costumes, being obsessed with horses, taking ridiculous pictures showing just how crazy we were (and still are sometimes), doing cheerleading together throughout high school, learning about God at youth group, dealing with crazy boy problems, and most of all, just sharing life together for the past 19 ish years. There were times when we weren’t as close and times when we were closer than sisters but no matter what, I always knew that we would be able to laugh like crazy together, stand together when life got scary, and cry when things were falling apart.

One moment that I remember in high school was the day that Johnie lost her dad. John was a wonderful man who loved his wife and his 4 daughters so much–it was evident in his actions. I have memories of him taking us to haunted houses and to see Pirates of the Carribean in theaters (which was my first PG-13 movie). On this day, I was in class with Johnie and if I remember correctly, it was our junior year of high school in Mr. Steven’s class. I knew that John was sick and not doing well and when Johnie left during the middle of class that day, I had a pit in my stomach. He passed away that day and I can’t imagine the loss his family felt. What I do know is that John would have been proud beyond words to watch Johnie on her wedding day marry the man of her dreams, to see how beautiful each of his daughters have grown up to be, and to see how strong and lovely his wife looked. When I was photographing some of the details, one of Johnie’s sisters asked if I had seen the gold locket on Johnie’s bouquet. I did and asked what it was. She said it had a picture of their dad in it so that John could be with Johnie and walk her down the aisle. Oh my word, I knew I couldn’t cry because I wouldn’t be able to see in order to take pictures. This moment in time reminded me of all that this family has experienced and how strong they are and how truly joyful they were on Johnie’s special day.

Being able to photograph Johnie’s wedding day with Sam Doss as my secondary photographer brought a special kind of joy to my heart. Words can’t explain it as well as I wish they could but it was a day that I will treasure. Seeing one of my closest, longest friends marry such a wonderful man who loves her to the depth of his heart filled me with so much happiness and getting to be a part of this day was an honor. Evan is an awesome guy with a heart of gold and a great sense of humor who has loved Johnie and waited for her for 5 years. He is loyal, caring, and joyful. He will be an amazing husband to Johnie-that’s a fact. Johnie and Evan, I wish you both all the happiest in the world. I pray that you both will love deeply, laugh often, enjoy the adventure that is marriage, and grown more with the Lord as you seek Him together. Love you guys!

Johnie and Evan are happily married with a beautiful little girl, Pemberley, and a beagle named Tucker.