Kamryn: Class of 2017. 

Meet Kamryn. She is a senior at Plainfield High School & she is such a wonderfully creative girl. Getting to know her and her mom was so much fun and they were amazing to work with. Kamyrn is a natural in front of the camera and I was so blessed by taking her senior photos.

10 Facts about Kamryn:

10. She is a part of swim team & marching band.

9. Kamryn says her friends describe her as weird but funny.

8. One of her favorite movies is Tarzan.

7. She cannot live without lipstick.

6. What many people don’t know about Kamryn is that she is an artist who sketches women from different eras.

5. Her perfect day would be one that is filled with sleeping.

4. Kamryn likes to listen to alternative music.

3. She describes herself as sarcastic, artistic, & classy.

2. When Kamryn feels hungry, she loves to eat Taco Bell.

1. Kamryn’s dream job is to be a children’s counselor.