1 Year Together: Katie & Chris. 

I was blessed to take their wedding photos and when the Eletts asked me to take some anniversary photos of them, I was so excited. Katie and Chris are so kind and they are very sweet to one another. We had a lot of fun during their beautiful fall session.

Fun facts about these two:

They would define love as unconditionally caring for one another and giving of yourself. They met online and have been together for 5 years. Katie and Chris value each other's sense of humor-they find the same things funny! The Eletts love movies so their perfect date night is dinner and a movie. They would describe their relationship as one that is respectful and their favorite memory is their wedding day. One of the biggest challenges they have faced in their relationship was moving away from home, starting over, and depending on each other. If Katie and Chris could offer words of advice to other couples they would tell them to communicate--especially when you upset each other. It's impossible to get back to where you were in your relationship if you don't talk about it.