Kayla: 1920s.

I was sitting in my favorite spot on my couch daydreaming and inspiration hit to try carrying out a 1920s stylized photoshoot. I always thought of the roaring 20s as a time period of fun, glitz, and wealth. Doing some research really opened my eyes to the reality of this decade. I decided to take this session and focus it around 1 individual from the 1920s: Zelda Fitzgerald.

Zelda was the first American flapper, according to her husband F. Scott Fitzgerald. From her priviledged upbringing to her years of glamorous partying with her husband, the 20’s seemed promising and the American Dream attainable. But during this time, the Fitzgerald’s partying drove them both to an unhealthy state. Between her husband’s alcoholism, the isolation felt between them when Fitzgerald was writing, and Zelda’s intense focus on ballet, it drove Zelda to spending the rest of her life in and out of mental institutions. Her tragic death happened at a mental hospital when it caught on fire and she couldn’t escape.
This woman was an iconic figure of her time and even though everything seemed fine from the outside, she wasn’t okay. The money, the fame, and the fun couldn’t fix her broken relationships. I wanted to show the beauty and glamor of her life as well as the tragedy and pain that she felt.

HUGE thank you to my model, Kayla, and to Shaun who was there to assist me. You both were amazing and I’m very thankful for your willingness to help me.