Kopf Family.

Each time I take the Kopf's photos, they get cuter and cuter. I am thankful for these friends of mine and that they continue to ask me to take their family photos each year. It is such a blessing to know them. 

Chris and Emily met at a Purdue party weekend and are happily married with one son, Oliver, and another son due in Feburary. Their favorite family memories so far have been Oliver's birth and a recent trip to St. Louis that they took as a family. When they are together, they love to go to the park, visit the Children's Museum, eat at Chick-fil-a, and have dance parties. :) 

The biggest challenge they have faced was when they had to put their dog, Winston, down this year. Oliver and Winston were buddies too. They value their faith in God and quality time together and pray that their sons will grown up to be Godly, kind, well-mannered young men.