Mallory Family. 

I don't think I stopped smiling once during this session. I was able to meet the Mallory family for the first time through Cornerstone Christian Church and I was very excited when they asked me to take their fall family photos. 

Joe and Alissa met at church where Joe was the youth group leader and Alissa worked with childcare. One day he needed someone to sit with and sat with Alissa's family. Their friendship quickly grew and I'm sure you know the rest.

Their favorite family memories involve taking the boys, Jeremiah and Caleb, to the beach this summer. They also treasure the moment that Jeremiah met his brother and sand him an impromptu song in the hospital about taking care of him and loving him. They would describe their family as loving, compassionate, and energetic. The Mallorys love to play outside together going on walks, swinging, and playing games as well as cooking/baking, wrestling, building Legos, making crafts, and going to the lake. Mayberry Cafe in Danville is one of their favorite spots to eat together. 

One of the biggest challenges they have faced as a family was when Caleb was a baby and he was admitted to the hospital. They were exhausted as they faced having a sick child in the midst of adjusting to life as a family of four. They value loving God and others, doing the right thing, and open communication. Joe and Alissa pray that their sons would follow the Lord wholeheartedly like Caleb in the Bible and would follow the Lord's calling on their lives no matter what like Jeremiah in the Bible. They love by Joshua 24:15b which says, "But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."