Marc: Class of 2017.

Marc is a senior at Washington Community High School and I have known his family for as long as I have been alive. I grew up going to church with his family and order siblings and therefore have gotten to know him a little so getting to take his senior pictures was a lot of fun!

10 Facts about Marc:

10. Something people don’t know about Marc is that he plays bass in a band.

9. If Marc had a super power, it would be flight.

8. His favorite food is Italian beef.

7. He would describe himself as reliable, funny, & hard-working.

6. He likes listening to metal and classic rock.

5. Marc’s favorite subject in school is history.

4. Someone he looks up to is his wrestling coach.

3. Marc’s dream job is to be in the infantry.

2. Something Marc cannot live without is his bass guitar.

1. When Marc finishes high school, he plans on joining the Marine Corps.