The Matthews are Expecting: May 2020.

Many years ago this girl showed up on my dorm floor at Lincoln Christian University. We didn’t know who she was, but what we did know what that she was going to be moving to our floor the following semester and was joining us for our winter floor outing. Since then, we have experienced a whole lot of life together: we’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together, we’ve laughed until we cried, we’ve shared countless hugs, we’ve traveled to Europe, and we’ve watched way too many episodes of Friends. I’ve photographed her wedding and her first wedding anniversary, and now: the next adventure has arrived. My sweet friends are expecting their first little one and I was so happy to take some photos for their pregnancy announcement. We may be 17 hours away, but that doesn’t stop a friendship so when these two came to visit over the summer, we had a great time hanging out, catching up, and celebrating this exciting news.

Kate and Dillon: I’m so excited for both of you and you will be amazing parents. I’m excited for you both as you navigate this new adventure together and raise your kiddo to know and love Jesus. You’ll be great. Congratulations, dear friends!