Molly's Bat Mitzvah.

I learned so much from this session–not only about photography, but also about this wonderful family: Richard and Renee Trivett with their lovely kids Molly (almost 13) and Sammy (11). Renee is someone who I have gotten to know and enjoyed working with at Brentwood Elementary during the last school year.

Something I learned about her during this past year was that she and her family are Jewish. Renee shared that her daughter, Molly, was having her bat mitzvah and they were looking for a photographer. When Renee mentioned this to me, I have to admit that I was really excited for such an amazing opportunity to learn. While sharing this special day with the Trivett family, I saw so much love, joy, and happiness that my heart just overflowed and I think I had a smile plastered to my face about 97% of the day. The other 3% of the time I had a focused look on my face as I worked with my camera and other equipment. 

I saw pictures of Molly growing up and witnessed firsthand the love this family has for such a beautiful girl. I learned about the first time Richard and Renee met and how, as Richard told me, it was love at first sight.  Their story melted my heart. Now this couple has been happily married 26 years and have two, awesome, spirited children: Molly and Sammy. Sammy cracked me up today and seeing Molly and Sammy laugh and have fun together was a beautiful thing to see. I also learned more about the Jewish faith and the symbolism, depth, and tradition that coincides with a bat mitzvah celebration. I can tell that Molly is going to do amazing things as she grows and learns about the world around her and that her faith will continue to play a major roll in her life every day. Congratulations Molly and a huge thank you to the Trivett family for letting me capture this special day and share your story