Paul, Paula, Caleb, Sam, & Abi Scott.

When we were getting ready for this session, we were all praying really hard for no rain as this family drove from Illinois to Indiana. God is so good! We had great lighting and no rain. It literally started raining not even 10 minutes after the session as I was driving home. Also, I'm loving their color coordination. Thank you, Scott family, for driving this way for your session!

Favorite Family Memory:

One day while Paul was going to school for his teaching certificate and the kids were little, there was a lazy afternoon when we were all outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  We all lay down on our backs with our heads together in a circle in the shade of a tree and watched the clouds flying by.  I remember wishing I could capture that moment of family peace and tranquility and keep it forever. It’s simple, but something I always think back on as a favorite family memory.  ~Paula

Any of our weekly Family Time Bible Studies or sitting on the roof of our farmhouse and watching the Fourth of July fireworks. ~Abi

Driving out to New York for my first year of camp. ~Sam

Our family vacation to Washington DC for our baseball tournament and we toured all the sites.  ~Caleb

Our weekly Family Time Bible studies with the kids when they were younger. ~Paul

What do you like to do as a family?

Play games, watch games, watch movies, sharing meals together, vacation, and laughing at Sam’s antics.  ~Paula, Abi, Paul, Sam, Caleb


Three key values of your family:

Love God, Serve others, Do your best with what God gave you.  ~Paula & Paul

Love God, Treat people like you want to be treated, Be humble. ~Sam 

God, family, and country. ~Abi

God, family & baseball (or sports in general). ~Caleb

What do you pray or wish for your family?

That everyone would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ so that we would spend eternity together in heaven with our Savior.  ~Paula & Paul

That everyone will continue to grow in their faith, and influence others in theirs, especially in college. ~Sam & Abi

That we would know God better and His Will so that we can obey Him better. ~Caleb

Biggest challenge your family has faced:

Cancer in several family members.  ~Paula, Paul, Caleb, Sam, & Abi

 What is a phrase your family lives by?

“We will . . . when we have enough money” Or “Watch for deer!” the Midwestern equivalent of “I love you!” ~Paula

“Insert movie quote/song lyric here.” ~Abi

“Try to not suck.” ~Paul

“Think first, act second.” ~Sam

“Nothing good happens after midnight.” ~Caleb