Proctor Family. 

Getting to know the Proctor family has been a rich blessing! Mark and I work together at Plainfield Christian Church-he is one of the worship leaders there! Anyone who comes into contact with this bunch can't help but catch their joy and love for life. They are a creative bunch and shine Jesus' light wherever they go. Meet Mark, Julie, Ben, Grace, Hope, and Joy.

Mark and Julie met through a traveling music group and they both went to Ozark Christian College. They enjoy reading, watching movies, and composing music. Their kids are just as creative as their parents and enjoy reading, drawing, painting, and playing the piano. When it comes to restaurants, they don't always agree on the same place but after their session, they all heading to DQ and got ice cream. As a family, they like hiking, watching movies, and playing games. They like to vacation on Lake Michigan or in the Smoky Mountains. Three things the Proctors value in their family are kindness, togetherness, and generosity. As parents, Mark and Julie pray that their children will love Jesus wholeheartedly.