Ren, Gwyn, Eli, and Rosie. 

At the beginning of 2018, I met a woman named Ren. She wanted to join our new Life Group at PCC that my husband and I were starting and we were very excited to have her in our home and get to know her. Since then, I have loved getting to know Ren better as a friend, watch her get baptized, and get to know her gorgeous kids. Getting to take their photos in the fall leaves was so much fun and time spent with my friend Ren was treasured.

Ren used to be in the military which is where she met Eli and Rosie’s dad. One of the biggest challenges that Ren has faced was getting divorced and moving out of their home and into an apartment. Despite the challenges they have faced as a family, Ren is so positive and joyful. One of their favorite family memories was overnight camping at Mamma’s House complete with s’mores and hot dogs. They love movie nights with pizza, baking cookies, and having dinner together. Three values that Ren’s family holds to are faith, gratitude, and compassion. Ren prays that her children will grow into faithful, productive members of society and that they will be humble throughout their whole lives. A phase the live by is: Never forget to look up.