Riedel Family.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to George, Angie, Ellen, Rob, Caroline, and her fiance, Scott. Over Thanksgiving, I had the pleasure of spending some time with my friend, Ellen, and taking some family photos for this bunch. 

George and Angie met in college at a teaching fair in Madison, WI, and they went out for tacos. The rest is history. As a family, they love to sit around the fireplace listening to an audiobook together with a bowl of popcorn and the lights dimmed. The Riedels also like to try craft beer together and watch sci-fi movies. They don't really eat out, but they do like to play trivia at Kellerhers. One word that describes them is practical and the Riedels value kindness, being practical, and helpfulness. 

This family is one that I've known for a very long time. I first met Ellen at VBS. When we got to high school, we knew of each other but it wasn't until our Junior or Senior year that we became close friends. Throughout college we wrote letters back and forth as she lived in Wisconsin (and still does!) and I was living in Illinois at the time. She was my personal attendant at my wedding and to this day, is one of my dearest, most loyal friends. I am so thankful for her.

When Ellen and I were in the 8th grade, her dad was diagnosed with cancer. George has been battling it since and had been in remission a few times. This has been the biggest challenge this family as faced. Despite the ongoing battle, this family continues to enjoy every second of time they can get together and make amazing memories. Because of what they have faced, their family motto has become "Keep Calm and Carry On." Last year, Ellen was able to take her dad to Rome where they had their very own adventure together. This Thanksgiving was no different and was the perfect time to get some photos together with all of the kids home from 3 different states. With Rob being in the Air Force, Ellen living in Wisconsin, and Caroline and Scott in Iowa, it can be hard to all be home in Illinois at the same time. Thanksgiving was a blessing for them to be together, laugh, and remember this moment with some photos that will last a lifetime.