Sage Turns 1!

I have gotten to walk through life with the Scotts from behind my camera and that is such a cool thing to experience. From their engagement and wedding photos to their newborn photos, watching their family grow is a blessing! Now, their son, Sage, has turned 1! 

Kenny and Kyleigh met at Cornerstone Christian Church where Kenny was working for his internship in youth ministry. They dated, fell in love, and made the commitment to one another and before God to get married. Now they are a family of three. One of their favorite family memories is going to Anderson Apple Orchard this fall. They describe themselves as goofy and enjoy each minute they can spend outside in the beautiful weather going for walks, swinging, or playing on the slide. The Scotts value faith, fun, and fellowship and pray that Sage will grow up in the Lord, love what is right, and pursue his dreams. One of the biggest challenges they have faced as a family has been trying to complete home rennovations during Sage's first year of life. It is hard to juggle all that being a parent involves but Kenny and Kyleigh do an amazing job. They live by Matthew 7:12 which says, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you..."