Shelby & Joey. 

I met Shelby through Cornerstone Christian Church when Jonathan and I worked with the youth group. She was one of the students then and now she is all grown up and ENGAGED to Joey. They are so sweet and their love for each other is evident.  I'm so excited for their big day in 2018! And, fun fact, they are getting married on my anniversary with Jonathan so we will share an anniversary together. 

Fun facts about Shelby and Joey:

They would define love as putting each other first and forgiving one another. Their favorite memory of their relationship so far would be when Joey proposed and Shelby said yes to marrying her best friend. Joey loves how Shelby always makes him laugh and Shelby loves Joey's big heart. These two have been together for 21 months, but they grew up together. Their moms are best friends and they ended up getting together at Joey's brother's going away party. One word that describes Shelby and Joey would be impromptu and their perfect date night is going out to get Mexican food and hanging out with family. The biggest challenge in their relationship so far has been learning how to grow up together and handle new life experiences as a team. If Shelby and Joey could offer any advice to other couples, it would be never to go to bed angry, but to talk it out and forgive.