Smith Family.

A beautiful evening with a fun-loving family. Photographing the Smith family was so enjoyable! They are such a fun bunch and very photogenic.

Fun facts about this family: Steve & Tammy met in middle school and started dating when they turned 17 years old. They have 2 awesome kiddos-Abby who is 17 and Nick who is 13. One word that describes Steve & Tammy is committed. One word that describes Abby & Nick is happy. As a family, they love sports, camping, and hiking. When they go out to dinner, they enjoy going to Olive Garden. Their favorite place to go as a family is Charleston, S.C. Two key values this family has are faith and honesty. Steve and Tammy pray that their children grow up, marry a Christian, and live long, happy, healthy lives. They live by the phrase: “Excuses are the bricks that build the house of failure.”