Aiden is One!


Aiden is turning one and he did such a wonderful job for his pictures! I had a wonderful time with the Crossman family updating their family portraits and celebrating this little man’s first birthday. It is such a joy to share in the lives of my clients and celebrate with their families as they grow.



Everett is the newest member of the Todd family and he has the cutest full head of hair! We had a just enough time to take some beautiful photos of their new family right before the rain came pouring down. It was wonderful to get to know Bri and Connor and see the love they have for their son. They were joyfully awaiting the opportunity to update their family photos with the addition of their first child. Congratulations Todd family!



Meet Calvin: the newest member of Luke and Rebekah's sweet family. Judah loves his new little brother and my heart was melting watching them interact. I was so thankful that we had just enough time to get a few outdoor photos before the rain came. What a fun session with the Proctors!

Paul, Paula, Caleb, Sam, & Abi Scott.


When we were getting ready for this session, we were all praying really hard for no rain as this family drove from Illinois to Indiana. God is so good! We had great lighting and no rain. It literally started raining not even 10 minutes after the session as I was driving home. Also, I'm loving their color coordination. Thank you, Scott family, for driving this way for your session!

Taylor Family.

When it looked like rain all day, the sunshine came out that night. What a blessing it was to photograph the Taylor family. Those kiddos had me smiling long after their session was over. I met this family through PCC and, also through Kristin’s brother, Erik. I’ve loved getting to know them and this session played a big role in that!  


Jonathan & Kait Mangano: ADOPTING!


Kait and Jonathan’s session was a true joy to be asked to photograph and we had the most beautiful spring weather. I am thankful for these two, for their friendship, and their hearts for the Kingdom. I am excited for them as they embark on the adventure of parenthood together and can’t wait to meet their future children.

Erin & Drew.


When I married Jonathan, I married into this amazing family. Something I thought was pretty cool about becoming a part of this family was that I already knew some of his family members from before we were a couple. I got to know Jonathan’s cousins through various scenarios in high school. One story I remember vividly was when his cousin, Erin was crowned Prom Queen her senior year (my junior year). One year later, Erin crowned me Queen at my senior prom. I have loved getting to know her better as I became a part of the Vallosio family and I was overjoyed when she asked me to take some engagement photos of her and Drew. Congrats Erin and Drew! It was a pleasure to have you visit us in Indy and to take your engagement photos!

Clara + Friends.


Friends are one of life’s greatest blessings. That is what this session was all about. Even though it was a chilly March morning, these ladies truly celebrated friendship and smiled the whole time. Plus it was Clara’s birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, girl!

Archer Turns 1!


Meet Chris, Emily, Oliver, and ARCHER! I love being friends with this family and each time I get to take their photos, I find myself with the biggest smile watching them interact together. It was awesome to capture some cute shots of Archer turning 1 and eating his tasty cake. He couldn’t believe his luck with this after-nap snack! Archer loves to explore, climb on whatever he can, eat lots of food, play with his big brother, and snuggle with Mom.




I have really enjoyed getting to know Kevin through working with him at Plainfield Christian Church. A few years ago, I was blessed to take some photos of his sweet family and I loved it. When he was needing some headshots updated, and asked me to take them, I was eager!

Bekah and Hugh.


Now, if you know anything about me, you know I am an only child. However, I never truly felt like an only child because I was blessed with a few people in my life who I grew up alongside. Bekah is one of those people. From our days of playing dress up to watching her at band competitions, I’ve always enjoyed my time with Bek. This time was no different. Now my sister is engaged to be married to Hugh and I couldn’t be happier for them. To watch someone who means so much to me be so happy fills my heart. Congrats Bekah and Hugh! It was a pleasure to spend time with you both and take your engagement photos. Love you guys! 


Twice in one year, I have been blessed to take photos of the Scott family. And this time, it was for the birth of their daughter, Slade. Slade, you are too sweet and you loved looking at the camera. While her brother, Sage, slept for most of his newborn session, this little girl wanted to see what all the action was about. I enjoyed visiting the Scott family in their home and celebrating the arrival of their healthy daughter.

Dittmeier and Brown Family.


I love getting to photograph families like this and this was truly a special occasion. Kathy contacted me looking for a photographer in the Peoria area over Thanksgiving weekend. You see, it was going to be a pretty special gathering for the entire family. Kathy’s oldest lives in New York and hasn't been home for a couple years, and her daughter and son-in-law and grandsons (Ryan, Sarah, Jonah, and Solomon) are moving to Papua New Guinea in March to work with Pioneer Bible Translators. It was time for a special family photo and Kathy was able to not only get her immediate family together, but also her extend family together.