May 24, 2014: Johnie and Evan got married!

Being able to photograph Johnie’s wedding day with Sam Doss as my secondary photographer brought a special kind of joy to my heart. Words can’t explain it as well as I wish they could but it was a day that I will treasure. Seeing one of my closest, longest friends marry such a wonderful man who loves her to the depth of his heart filled me with so much happiness and getting to be a part of this day was an honor. Evan is an awesome guy with a heart of gold and a great sense of humor who has loved Johnie and waited for her for 5 years. He is loyal, caring, and joyful. He will be an amazing husband to Johnie-that’s a fact. Johnie and Evan, I wish you both all the happiest in the world. I pray that you both will love deeply, laugh often, enjoy the adventure that is marriage, and grown more with the Lord as you seek Him together. Love you guys!