Skinner Family.

This is the family session that photographers dream about. Morning fog, perfect lighting, yellow leaves, kids playing, and awesome parents. Photographing the Skinner family was so much fun. Deric and Ashley are great parents and man, despite the cold weather (yes it was about 35 degrees), these kiddos didn’t complain once! They ran around, played in leaves and laughed at their dad’s jokes. Not to mention, this newborn who was so chill and basically slept through it all.

Class of 2019: Ashley!


We had the most beautiful evening and gorgeous colors when we took Ashley’s senior photos! I have gotten to know Ashley through church at PCC. VBS 2018 was when Ashley shadowed with me in photography and we got to spent a lot of time together. It was so much fun and now she volunteers once a month on the photography team at church. She is such a fun person to be around and is full of creativity.

Ren, Gwyn, Eli, and Rosie.


At the beginning of 2018, I met a woman named Ren. She wanted to join our new Life Group at PCC that my husband and I were starting and we were very excited to have her in our home and get to know her. Since then, I have loved getting to know Ren better as a friend, watch her get baptized, and get to know her gorgeous kids. Getting to take their photos in the fall leaves was so much fun and time spent with my friend Ren was treasured.

Morrissey Family.


I have gotten to know the Morrissey family through working with Jason at Plainfield Christian Church as he is the worship leader at our Reunion Campus. Jason and Alli’s daughter, Emma, was the member of their family that I met first, however. When I was working at Brentwood Elementary, I used to help Emma with her math in the mornings. She was so sweet and we always got along. Years later, I get to reconnect with her and her family through church. When they asked me to take their family photos, I was very excited! We brave a VERY cold session and these kiddos were troopers!!

Hope: Class of 2019!


Hope is a ray of sunshine and pure joy. She’s creative, artistic, and so much fun to be around. I’ve gotten to know Hope through working with her dad, Mark, at Plainfield Christian Church. I had the privilege of photographing her family a few years back and getting to take her senior photos was a blessing. I hope you smile looking at these photos as much as I did taking them.

Vecrumba Family.


Meet Scott, LeAnna, Emily, and Nick! This was my second time photographing the Vecrumba family and I enjoyed taking some fun photos of them. We braved a very windy day and were able to get some beautiful fall shots.


A beautiful, yet slightly windy, fall day was perfect for getting Clara some fun, updated headshots! I met Clara through my husband, Jonathan. Clara and Jonathan were in a small group Bible study together in college at the University of Illlinois where they both played in the Marching Illini. Getting to reconnect with her after all this time was so lovely!

Proctor Family.


The lighting was perfect. The colors were beautiful. The family was so sweet. I loved being able to take some fall photos of the Proctor family! I work at Plainfield Christian Church with Luke and have enjoyed getting to know his wonderful family.

Vallosio Family.

I had a great time taking photos of the Vallosio family! Yes, there was some running involved as I was in a few of the photos as well as taking them. Despite the chilly weather, we had a lot of fun and quite a few laughs.

Sam: Class of 2019!

Sam’s dad was one of the youth pastors at my church when I was in middle school. I remember when he and his brother were little and even when their little sister was born. Last year, I took his brother’s photos. This year, it was his turn. I had such a wonderful time with Sam and his parents. He is an easy-going, fun guy who rocked his session.

Sarah: Class of 2019.


When I used to work at Brentwood Elementary, I got to know a woman named Debbie. I always enjoyed chatting with her and from knowing her through the school, I have gotten to keep in touch with her while taken both of her children’s senior photos. First, I photographed her son, Steven—class of 2017. And this year, I got to photograph her daughter, Sarah—class of 2019.

Scott Family.


Walking through life with a family is one of the many perks of my job as a photographer. I love getting to watch Kenny and Kyleigh’s family grow from just the two of them, to the addition of their son, and then the addition of their little girl. It was a warm day outside, but that didn’t stop us from a fun time of laughter and catching up.

Crossman Family.


I have had the privilege of photographing this sweet family quite a few times and I love watching their family grow. The first time was when Sophie was 6 months old. Now, they’ve added a cute little brother to the mix, Aiden. Aiden rocked these photos and so did his big sis!

Pemberley Turns 1!


The weather was deceiving this day. I remember that there were severe storm warnings and crazy wind the night before in Kentucky. Rain was spotty. This is one of the difficult part to traveling for photo sessions. The night before I left, I prayed like crazy in hopes that the weather would cooperate for this sweet family session. Not only did it cooperate, but the overcast sky was PERFECT for photos! So thankful for God’s provision and we had such a fun time together for Pemberley’s 1 year photo session.



Valerie was one of my closest friends in middle school and early high school. We were really excited to reconnect and have had a wonderful time getting to hang out as adults. I was really excited when she shared with me that she was expecting this little boy and when she asked me to take his newborn photos, I was ecstatic! Avery did a great job and was so stinking cute.