Tiearney Family. 

Check out this great family session! It was a wonderful, sunshiney morning when I took the Tiearney family photos. This fam was all smiles-check out those littles and their sweet faces!

Let me introduce you to Tom and Marilyn, Jason, Melissa, Harrison, and Eva, Scott, Bethany, and Shaun. Harrison is 3 1/2 years old and his sister, Evan is 16 months. Shaun was a trooper for this session as a 10 week old. Tom and Marilyn met at a singles retreat at church camp and the rest is history! Their son is Jason and their daughter is Bethany. Jason and Melissa met in college and Bethany and Scott have known each other since they were in high school. Tom likes to play pickleball and golf and his wife, Marilyn, likes crafts and sewing. In his spare time, Jason enjoys building models and Melissa is very crafty. Scott goes golfing when he has the free time and Bethany loves music. Harrison loves reading, singing, and dancing while his sister, Eva, likes playing with her toys and eating. Shaun... well, at 10 weeks Shaun eats and sleeps like most 10-week olds. When it comes to eating together, this bunch isn't too picky but they love to going out when they have a coupon. (Amen!) As a family, they enjoy vacationing together and taking the kiddos to the Children's Museum. Three key values they share are faith, love, and perseverance. They hope and pray that their family continues to stay strong and to grow in their faith in Jesus.