Zach: Class of 2017.

Zach is a senior at Brownsburg High School and I’ve gotten to know him the past few years through working with the youth group at Cornerstone Christian Church. Zach is such a great guy and taking his photos was so fun! He is very musically talented and has a zeal for his faith that is amazing. Thanks for asking me to take your pictures. 

10 Facts about Zach:

10. Zach goes to Area 31 Career Center at Ben Davis.

9. His favorite subject is radio broadcasting.

8. Something people don’t know about Zach is that he spends 1 hour each day learning to sing new music.

7. His favorite food is fettuccine alfredo.

6. If Zach could have a super power, it would be teleportation.

5. Zach’s idea of a perfect day would be to spend the day helping people in need and playing music while he does that.

4. After high school, Zach will attend Ball State University and major in Telecommunications.

3. His favorite genres of music are rock, metal, Christian, and alternative.

2. He looks up to veterans and soldiers.

1. Zach’s dream job would to be a missionary and a musician.